Thursday, April 5, 2012


That's about all I can say about these developments.  I may be a bit of a kook or whatever, and I love conspiracy theories more than most, but I'm writing this book as a work of complete fiction for the fun and benefit of all.  But I'm afraid  I might not get the chance to even publish it.


Because reality may be beating me to the punch.

Here is a map with the global location of all repotorted "Booms" that have been occuring since 2010.  You may have heard of them in passing on the news.  They're not really a big deal, they don't spend much time on it, and it's certainly not as big as the election and Syria and Trayvon Martin are.  But these mysterious sounds are everywhere!  Low, gutteral, grinding, metallic.

This boom phenomenon is all over Youtube.  Just search for "strange sounds" and see for yourself.  Watch a little of this compilation to get the gist if it.

Lots of different explanations have been given "officially"  for what is happening around the world but it is strange that the explanations are nowhere near as homogeneous as the phenomenon itself.  The Weather Channel calls it lightning storms, the United States Geological Society calls it shallow earthquakes,  the Russian government calls it underground explosions.

Hey, I'm a musician.  You mean to tell me that a multitude causes would just happen make so many of these booms occur at or near the same pitch, give or take dopler shift?

Unofficially, people outline a number of possible theories for the mechanical sounding noises.  But alas there is nothing that satisfys me as to the cause of this outbreak.  I just want to put it out there that we ARE in 2012 now and there has been an unprecidented amount of seismic activity going on.  Not to mention tornadoes just ripped through Texas like no one's business.  Trumpets herald a lot of events in the bible.  None I can think of are too savory.

I just want to leave you with this thought.  If you still aren't a believer  watch this video.  Try to watch it in its entirety but if you have to go soon, definitely don't miss the hysterical phone call near the end from 1997.  A scared man  purports to be an ex Area 51 employee.  He's called into a local talk station to add his 2 cents into the conversation.  I have to warn you.  If you find the recording credible, what he has to say is DISTURBING.

God speed, everyone.

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