Thursday, March 8, 2012

UFO's in Art

Whether you think it's strange that people describe their supposed UFO encounters so eerily similar since the Roswell incident in the 40's, or you think it's just Hollywood-induced mass hysteria, you'll find this interesting...
This first image comes to us all the way from Tanzania, Africa, estimated to be about 29,000 years old.  It depicts a bit of a scuffle between four "men" over a female.  Notice also the boy in the box on the right.

A rock painting found in Sego Canyon Utah looks to have originated from about 5,500 B.C.
A Japanese print from about 900 A.D. depicts a sighting of what they called a "burning wheel" in the sky.

Citizens of central Europe once described a massive battle in the sky.

Obviously we get closer to modernity with this one, about 1400's, depicting a loyal paladin celebrating the coming of a star.  Notice the detail on the object in the sky.

Mary and her new baby.
The same fresco blown up, the detail is painstaking.  Notice the man and his dog witnessing it.  Circa 15th century.

Things actually don't change all that much.

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