Sunday, December 25, 2011

I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas.

And to everyone who has been following me the last couple months, I thank you especially.

Those who know me intimately know one thing is certain about me:  I love zombies.  Zombie movies, zombie books, zombie video games, zombie documentaries, zombie comics, zombie art, you name it, I've bought it watched it loved it.  The people who love me have to put up with it.  My wife could probably go another lifetime without seeing another zombie movie.  But they all support this book in a big way so I want to thank them for that.

I want to share some pics with you guys.  These pictures represent the early stages of the book's development, almost 3 years ago.  I had known my future wife for maybe a couple of months then and she took me on a tour of Philadelphia, suggesting places that fit my vision, which would later be depicted in the book.  Back then I really couldn't call myself a writer.  I only knew I wanted to do this.  It has only been the last year that I have seriously dedicated myself to the craft of writing.  I did many other projects before devoting my full attention to the book and I'm glad I waited.  It has turned out to be the most ambitious, heartfelt opus in my opinion.  I thank my family for putting up with my talent for procrastination.

West Catholic High:  A co-ed Catholic high school in West Philly:

A Philly street with a nice little mural.  I believe this is near Chinatown.

Waiting for the Orange Line...
My wife's blurry hand

Perusing a shop in the Korean part of Washington Ave.  Interesting factoid about the figurines above:  I only rotated the two frontmost babies 45 degrees max.  The rest of the picture just kinda fell in place.

Murals, Philly's full of them.

Some lady and her frisky dog.

My cat, trying to ignore my stories about zombies.

And to all a good night.

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