Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Biblical Conspiracy- Original Sin

The ancients have a great deal to say about their origins, don't they?  While it seems to me like the more we know the less we want to hear on the subject of where we came from.  I'm a fan of Darwin, myself.  I think it has slowly been happening for the last 300 million years for the most part.  Evolution is a great theory that theoretically solves a lot of questions.  But it's a theory none the less.  There are still questions out there that baffle the experts, like the Cambrian explosion, where life inexplicably goes from generally single celled organisms to the most diverse period of complex life ever to exist on earth.  Evolution has consistently failed to answer what happened here.  And then there's the origin of man...

Out of several Hominids and similar genuses vying for the top spot, only one survivor:  us.  And what a special us we are.  We make music, language, philosophy, and ever-increasing technology-stuff that has proven insurmountable tasks for every other species on earth.  Which brings me back to the ancients, who all in some form acknowledge a race of dieties for their good fortune.  We don't believe this today as superior rational beings, though.  Truncating such a loaded question as our origin to a simple answer as somebody from the heavens did it is too old school, too unscientific.  I'm not saying the ancients were right, but, I'd like you to keep an open mind about the subject.  Any peon of ancient Egypt could run circles around a sophomore math major with his understanding of mathematics, so why do we envy their proficience at science and qualify their religion as the mythological ramblings of a civilization of mad men?  Their science and religion were one and the same, after all.

Again, this is just imagination working, but consider the following:

Imagine that you are a specifically designed protospecies, a "seed," capable of the kind of critical intelligence needed to spark a chain of civilizations, advanced technology, and dominion over environment.  You've been handpicked for this duty out of many genetic candidates by a Monolithic entity and imbued with these powers since birth to the point that you are practically unrecognizable to the remainder of your species.  All your life you've been artificially fenced into an amazing environment where your health and happiness is cared for, you are brought your food every day and your monolithic caretaker watches you tirelessly, never knowing the world beyond.

Then one day, you complete some crucial task, and your caretaker says "you are ready.  You need to leave this place forever, go out and be fruitful, you will no longer have your food brought to you, there will be predators after you, you will have to work really really hard just to survive and you will never see me again."

You're new to this whole rational intelligence thing.  Would YOU tell your children that what you did was a mistake?  That you've spurned your creator and that you wish you never did what you did?

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