Sunday, June 17, 2012

National Cannibal Month

What have we got?  Face eaters in Florida.  Heart eaters in Maryland.  I even heard of a guy chewing the lips off a kitten in Jersey.  You can't make this stuff up people!   So in recognition of National Cannibal Month I decided to  defend something about zombies.

I recently read an article in a particular popular sci-fi/fantasy magazine about a guy who doesn't like zombies.  In fact he doesn't like horror period.  And he goes on for pages talking about how zombies and horror are stupid and how much he goes out of his way not to read the trash.  Fine.

Here's my thing.  Aren't you a fantasy writer?  Aren't fantasy and horror two different things?  In an age where we maybe give too much authority to the opinion of Authority in the first place it seems some people don't have enough opinion to fill their heads.

I am not a fantasy writer.  Just because the local library lumps horror and fantasy together to more effectively manage the budget of both does not give you the authority to judge my field.  I don't go to fantasy conventions and yell "fairies suck!"  just as I don't go to romance conventions and shout "well developed pectoral muscles suck!"

I don't like the genres because I don't understand them.  They deserve props all the same.

The point is, we shouldn't let anyone make us feel bad with their judgements.  Now matter how loud he is he can't mask the fact that he doesn't know what the hell he's talkin' bout.

Happy Father's Day!

I wanna go to Friendly's!

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